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Kamen Rider Kabuto


The story revolves around a man named Souji Tendou. He has trained his entire life while waiting for the Kabuto Zecter so that he may properly take up the name of Kamen Rider Kabuto. Making many enemies while at the same time meeting other Riders with mysterious origins of how they got there, Tendou attempts to accomplish his goal at all costs: destroying all Worms that otherwise threaten humanity. He meets Arata Kagami, who later becomes Kamen Rider Gatack, the two work together to save humanity from the alien Worms that arrived from a meteorite seven years ago.


In 1999, an enormous meteor crashed onto Earth carrying extraterrestrial creatures known as Worm within it. These creatures took on the identities of real humans and then killed them. In order to counter this new threat, ZECT was formed, who in turn created the Masked Rider System to combat the Worms. The battles lasts over seven years, depleting Earth's resources and turning it into a barren wasteland. By present time, power struggles in ZECT have caused a new group, known as Neo-ZECT, to be created by Hidenori Oda. Daisuke Kazama and Shura Hokuto are also part of Neo-ZECT.
With three groups in existence (Neo-ZECT, ZECT and the Worms), Souji Tendou has decided to sell his power to either Neo-ZECT or ZECT, but his intentions are unclear. At the same time, ZECT has obtained intelligence about a large comet orbiting the vicinity of space. By building the Jacob's Ladder space station, they plan to capture this meteor and spread its water throughout Earth, replenishing the Earth’s oceans. The space station includes a function that works in conjunction with the Rider System's Clock Up function. Tendou joins Neo-ZECT after telling ZECT that he attempts to disband it from the inside and manipulates ZECT and Neo-ZECT against each other. When Neo-ZECT's plan to take over the space station is initiated, both groups’ true colors come to light. Tendou proceeds to enter the space station for his true motive on helping both sides was to foil ZECT's secret plan. Meanwhile, Daisuke has been killed at the hands of Shura who has betrayed Neo-ZECT. Oda attempts to fight off this trap, and he is able to kill Yaguruma. Chasing after Shura however, he meets ZECT's legendary Rider, Caucasus, and is defeated in a matter of seconds. Kagami has also decided to marry Hiyori and they hope to build a future together. Kagami is then chosen to activate the space station's Clock Up function and must leave, but he promises Hiyori he will come back.
Tendou has arrived on Jacob's Ladder first however, and he attempts to foil ZECT's hidden motive. After fighting Ketaros, they both fall off the space station due to the Clock Up function pulling through another meteor infested with Worms. Kabuto is able to survive thanks to the Kabuto Extender, but Ketaros dies upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Tendou and Kagami receive news however, that Hiyori is on the point of dying due to the exposure to the meteor dust years ago and it is then that Tendou reveals he is Hiyori's brother. Holding the wedding ceremony in a hospital, Hiyori dies soon afterwards. At this point, Shura tells Tendou that ZECT has betrayed them and is allied with the Worms. ZECT plans to let the meteor crash onto Earth so that the Worms will conquer humanity. However, it seems that Caucasus and the leaders of ZECT are the only ones who know of this plan and attempted to silence her for overhearing their plans. Shura then dies from the wounds inflicted on her as Tendou and Kagami take it on as their mission to save humanity from this disaster.
Making it to the space shuttle in time, they meet Caucasus, who explains to them that the meteor is the medium to transfer Worms. The missiles within the shuttle will be used to destroy weak humans. Humanity will be taken over by the Worms because Caucasus believes he will protect and fight for the strongest and most beautiful, the belief of the rose. The majority of the battle is in Caucasus' favor; however when Caucasus activates Maximum Rider Power and prepares to kill Tendou with a Rider Kick, Kagami steps in the way and protects Tendou. Tendou is then able to use this time to steal the Hyper Zecter from Caucasus, forcing him into an ejection chamber and launching him into space. Tendou then puts Kagami back in an escape pod and sends him on his way back to Earth. However, Caucasus, while in the void of space, latches on to Kagami's escape pod and punches a hole into the window, killing Kagami. At the same time, Tendou becomes Hyper Kabuto and through the use of Hyper Clock Up, he reverses time to save Kagami and destroy Caucasus, blowing him up along with the missiles in the space shuttle.
Tendou then uses the Hyper Zecter's Hyper Clock Up to send the second meteor back in time and force it to crash into the first meteor. The result is a small fragment that only hits Shibuya, minimizing the damage and erasing the future in which the Earth's oceans are dried up. However, the shockwave caused by the two meteors crashing hits Tendou and sends him flying backwards towards Earth. Afterwards, Tendou lands in Shibuya and finds himself in the same situation he was in seven years ago. This time however, he gives his belt to the younger Tendou who is then able to save Hiyori. With the disastrous future erased, Tendou disappears as his youngest self grows up and lives a better life in the new timeline.


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